The Green Welly Stop

based at Tyndrum, Scotland - "The Perfect Spot for a halfway stop!"
We are Biker Friendly at The Green Welly Stop

The Bike Park

The photographs above show just how busy we can be with our biker friends visiting The Green Welly Stop! On busy weekends when the weather is nice, it is fabulous to see so many THOUSANDS of bikers visiting. We are making every effort to ensure there is an overflow space for your bikes. This area will be reserved by cones next to the hard-stand, making use of the car parking area.

At the beginning of the 2014 season, we extended our bike park. This has been an overwhelming success and got the big 'thumbs up' from all the motorcyclists that visit. We thought originally that it would only be used at the weekends. It's proved so popular that it's used all the time. It's been a big relief for those riders who are not so keen on gravel (don't blame them)! We do respectfully ask that you don't park up your 'pride and joy' on our forecourt or beside the 'no parking' cones at the main entrance. We won't be responsible if your bike is knocked down by another vehicle, so in turn ask you to be responsible regarding where you park your two wheeled friend.

In the meantime, ride safe and stay between the hedges!

We thought that instead of trying to describe what our business is about in the eyes of bikers, that we should ask erm.. bikers!

Jim & Cath: Say about The Green Welly Stop:

"Thanks for all the support that the Green Welly and their staff have given Bikers and the sport of Motorcycling over the past how many years!!!!!
Your place is always well presented, spotless clean and you could literally have a meal in your toilets.
Like your favourite walking boots, that are so good you forget about them, that's how I would sum up the Green Welly and its staff

Ewan Steel has been visiting our business for over 20 years on his various motorbikes. He says about The Green Welly Stop:

"The Green Welly has a warm biker welcome, like minded friends, both inside and out"

Regular visitor to The Green Welly Stop Filling Station is John Hall who says:

"Do not overfill "save a litre and save a life" spilt fuel damages roads and causes accidents.""

Look out for these stickers on the pumps, we are looking to order these from our suppliers!

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