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Some may call it sacrilege, but they thought the addition of one year old ‘sacrificial spirit’ would be the perfect component to use in their limited edition blend to celebrate ten years of collaboration with our good friends at the package design company Stranger & Stranger.

In the 30 plus design projects they’ve worked on together, Compass box typically provide a core idea and direction, but for this special project, they let Stranger & Stranger design what they liked. All they told them was they were working on a recipe incorporating some amazing one year old grain spirit they had used to season some experimental American oak barrels.

They had been calling this one year old 'sacrificial spirit' because they didn’t know what it would be like after a year in these crazy new barrels. Turned out, it was amazing, filled with intense wood spice and exotic shades of vanilla character.

Typical of the way they ordinarily work with Stanger & Stranger, the simple idea of a ‘sacrificial spirit’ captured their collective imagination and they used it as a springboard for the intricate and fascinating design of this limited edition.

You’ll find aromas and flavours in this Stranger spirit that remind you of custard and dark sugars, fresh apple fruit and an appealing herbal character. It has a sweetness on the palate that will call you back to the glass, owing to just one percent of the recipe using our delicious sacrificial spirit.

Release of 4,802 bottles worldwide.
Bottled September 2018.

This spirit would be sublime served as a post prandial, with ice, or mixed into a classic cocktail such as an old fashioned.

More Information
Distillery/Company Compass Box
Region N/A
Volume 46%
Bottle Size 70cl
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