Battle Of Culloden Handmade Chess Set

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This could be the ultimate Christmas present for a true chess enthusiast.

Sculpted with great attention to detail and authenticity. This set shows the English and Scottish and the most important characters of the era prior to the famous battle at Culloden in 1746. Bonnie Prince Charlie was convinced that the Scots could beat the English in battle and thus the scene was set for Culloden. Fewer than 5000 rebels were mustered for the Prince’s Army. They fought the Duke of Cumberland’s Army of 6400 foot-soldiers and 2400 cavalry. The outcome of a particularly bloody battle was a victory for the English and a loss of 2500 rebel lives. 1800 Scots were taken prisoner.

Product Details:
Chess set pieces only, board not included.
Burgundy and Cream
King Height: 4.5 Inches
Queen Height: 4.1 Inches
Bishop Height: 4.1 Inches
Knight Height: 3.7 Inches
Rook Height: 3.5 Inches
Pawn Height: 3.1 Inches
Made from polystone
Suitable for chess boards of 19.5 inches minimum

The high skill of the designers, sculptors and craftsmen of Studio Anne Carlton shines through in their collection of hand made chess sets. The richness of finish and attention to detail contribute to the success of the beautiful products from the range. The chess sets are produced in finishes made from crushed stone poly resin. These regular sets are in a burgundy and cream plain finish with a light dark wash to emphasise the detail in the pieces. Please be aware the chess sets do not come with a chess board.

Studio Anne Carlton chess pieces are highly sought after in the collectable markets. The fact that these highly prized pieces are completely hand made makes volume production out of the question. Consequently many of the earlier and discontinued sets are returning substantial prices when appearing at auction. The sets are avidly collected by enthusiasts all over the world.

From Ancestors of Dover Ltd

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