Heather Hills Large Scottish Heather Honey

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The heather honey is a premium honey gathered from Heather Hills Farms own hives spread throughout the Scottish Highlands of Perthshire, Royal Deeside and beyond. The nector is collected from two distinct varieties of heather — Bell Heather (Erica Cinerea) which flowers from July onwards and Ling Heather (Calluna Vulgaris) which blossoms from August onwards and provides the main crop at Heather Hills. Heather honey is a single flower (mono floral) honey which provides it with its unique, strong full bodied flavour making it popular with chefs and honey connoisseurs. Heather Hills Farm heather honey is distinctive amongst the honeys of the world with a rich, full taste of the Highlands. It is a dark honey which reflects its' higher than usual iron content and its abundance of healthy antioxidants. All honey contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements from the floral source it is derived from, which, in turn, is fed by the soil and water it is grown in. As a result, when you taste Scottish heather honey you are tasting the Scottish Highlands.

Cooking with Scottish Heather Honey:
Heather honey is somewhere between a clear/runny honey and a set honey. Its thixotropic properties, whilst making it difficult to extract from the comb, helps bind other ingredients together. It is used in both sweet and savoury dishes

Size: 340g / 12 oz

From: Heather Hills Farm

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