Heather Hills Lavender Honey

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This is THE taste of elegance. A runny, dark amber, clear monofloral honey sourced from the nectar of the lavender fields of Spain, it is perfectly perfumed, pleasant, well-balanced and rounded, with a smooth, rich medium sweet taste that grows with the finish. With delicate floral notes of lavender that cut through the sweetness of this honey, it has a long, dry finish like a crisp, summer white wine that lingers in the mouth. A beautiful, fresh taste that evokes memories of long, languid summer days next to the sea. 

Simply use this in desserts or cocktails to make the most elegant of cheesecakes, ice creams and tipples or drizzle over goat's cheese or any other soft to semi-soft milky, white cheese. This goes beautifully with roasted nectarines and gives the most sublime flavour when used as a glaze for lamb or chicken.

Product Details:
Store at room temperature
Produce of Spain
Jar Size::340g/12oz

From Heather Hills Farm

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