Heather Hills Lime Honey

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A very beautiful, aromatic runny monofloral honey, golden yellow in color. Traditionally gathered from the nectar of Lime Tree Tilla blossoms surrounding the River Danube in the fertile agricultural region of Southern Dobrudja in Northwest Bulgaria, blossoming during the period of late June to late July. Harvested August 2015.

Tasting Notes:
Known as the ‘Chardonnay’ of honeys due to its soft fruity nature, it has a delicate floral, citrus aroma with overtones of green melon, a palate that is medium sweet with low acidity that bursts with tang, and a short finish. 

Pairing Notes:
Pairs perfectly with the fresh flavours of mint, green grapes, melon, and fresh coriander and goes beautifully with seared prawns or scallops. Drizzle this over a soft, mild creamy cheese such as Ricotta or Buratta. It's tangy, fruity flavour make it an excellent ingredient in marinades for the barbeque, salad dressings and cocktails.

Product Details:
Unsuitable for children under 12 monhts
Store at room temperature
Produce of Bulgaria
Jar Size::340g/12oz

From Heather Hills Farm

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