DCUK, The Duck Company

DCUK, The Duck Company
About dcuk:
Each duck and feathered friend is carved by hand in Indonesia, using locally harvested bamboo roots and offcuts that would otherwise go to waste. The tradition of puppetry is deeply rooted in Indonesia, where generations of sculptors and artists once created exquisite characters in bamboo. By working with makers from two villages, DCUK help to keep these traditional skills alive and provide secure work for local people.
When each piece is finished, it is buffed and polished to the rich natural shine that characterises DCUK products, echoing the glossy feathers of the birds that inspired them. The characters then receive their defining details: a pair of spotty welly boots here, a peaked cap or tiara there, ready to embark on a journey over the high seas and rolling hills to Devon and on to their final homes.
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